Brooklyn Renegade 2010

11 Jun

The Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn 2010 was by far my most successful craft show to date. The weather was far from perfect and we lost the tent to the wind gusts towards the end of day 2. But the customers were hard core and continued to shop from our wind blown tent and tables. Once the rain arrived we had to concede since we no longer had a tent to keep our merchandise dry. My sister is the best booth mate a girl could ask for and we had a great time. Thank you Brooklyn and Renegade for another amazing show!

Once we put in a full 2 days of work it was time to spend some quality time with the littles. We ventured out to the Statue of Liberty on Monday which was a super treat for Stella. She experienced her first subway ride and she loved the ferry ride over to visit Ms. Liberty. Roxi packed a picnic lunch for us and we enjoyed the grounds and watching Stella and Cotton run around and burn off some energy. We had tickets to trek to the pedestal of the statue and we were weary of the toddlers making it up so many steps. But they did surprisingly well and the view was incredible. So worth it.

On Tuesday we made the drive out to Coney Island with Papa Sliger in tow. This was his first vacation since his fall last July and he was getting around as well as could be expected. It was nice to see him out of the house with his feet in the sand. We enjoyed Nathan’s hot dogs, The Wonder Wheel, and indulged the little ones in their first ever bag of cotton candy. Pure delight all around. Stella loved the ocean and the waves. She thought she could take off into the water and go for a swim. I had to drag her back to shore by her shirt. We collected sea shells and did our best to avoid the shards of glass in the sand. It is not a pristine beach but it is beautiful in it’s own way.

We arrvied home yesterday and Stella and I have been catching up on our zzz’s. It was an exhausting trip but so much fun. Wish we could visit with family more often but it it great to spend time whenever we can. Now Roxi and I are waiting to hear if we have been accepted to Renegade Chicago this September. We have our fingers and toes crossed!!


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