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How does your garden grow?

15 Jun

Stella and I have been spending lots of time outside lately. For some reason she has not developed an appreciation for  nice, quiet, air-conditioned, indoor activities. She and Matt like to tend to the garden and I like to let her pick green tomatoes and various flowers from around the yard. When it gets too hot and sticky (ie every day during St. Louis summers) we turn on the water and she is content to splash around all day long. As long as I can find a nice shady spot from which to observe the fun, we are golden. Looking forward to ripe tomatoes and cucumber infused water to keep cool the rest of the summer.

Ps. Don’t let Stella’s scowls and funny faces fool you. She is having fun. Really.


Where did spring go?

25 May

So it has been 90+ degrees outside the past couple days and super muggy. Summer is upon us and I just realized that I have been so busy lately that spring seems to have slipped right by me.  The month of May was particularly busy with the opening of MADE, 3 weddings and a high school graduation. Plus gearing up to leave for Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair next week has has me scrambling to make new displays and lots of new inventory.

And in other exciting news, I have started acquiring displays and vintage treasures for The Foundrie 2010 which is super exciting and a little stressful. I just bought 3 industrial steel rolling carts off of craigslist thinking they would make awesome table bases and my husband burst my bubble telling me they are garbage and there is no way we can get them into the basement. They are large. And super heavy. And a tad rusty.  But can’t he see how amazing they will be in the store? He just doesn’t get my “artistic” (I use the term loosely) vision. So now I have to prove to him that I can make them into something great. I have my work cut out for me. I will leave you with some pics of some of the projects I have been working on as well as some recent fun family outings. Hope everyone is plannning lots of fun for the summertime. It is here!