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Cheap, Cheap, Fun, Fun

14 Jun


So a few weeks ago while I was doing a window treatment install with my dear friend Kathlean May, I stepped into the powder room of the client’s home and was confronted by the most fabulous ruffled shower curtain I have ever seen in all my life. So girly. So pretty. It spoke to me. Don’t ask me exactly what it said but it had to have been something along the lines of, “You need me. Now.”

I came home to research and as I suspected, this lovely curtain came from Anthropologie: one of my  favorite places to ogle the pretty clothing and home goods that are all sadly, way out of my budget. So without hesitation, I began googling. I found out that Anthro’s rebellious kid sister shop, Urban Outfitters had a version for slightly less money but at $68 it was still out of the question. And then, lo and behold I came across a website for home decor called The Fair. And there, jumping off the page was their version of the curtain: Carmen. And with a price tag of an incredible low $19 you know I was all over it. Well, I was all over it but knew I had to restrain myself until I found out whether I would have any spending money when Renegade Brooklyn was all said and done. And what do you know? I did. So I have just ordered this amazing shower curtain and cannot wait for the UPS man to deliver it to my doorstep. Happy Monday!! And yes, I am aware that the pricier versions are slightly more fabulous than my bargain priced alternative but the money I am saving will make up for it in the end.


Where did spring go?

25 May

So it has been 90+ degrees outside the past couple days and super muggy. Summer is upon us and I just realized that I have been so busy lately that spring seems to have slipped right by me.  The month of May was particularly busy with the opening of MADE, 3 weddings and a high school graduation. Plus gearing up to leave for Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair next week has has me scrambling to make new displays and lots of new inventory.

And in other exciting news, I have started acquiring displays and vintage treasures for The Foundrie 2010 which is super exciting and a little stressful. I just bought 3 industrial steel rolling carts off of craigslist thinking they would make awesome table bases and my husband burst my bubble telling me they are garbage and there is no way we can get them into the basement. They are large. And super heavy. And a tad rusty.  But can’t he see how amazing they will be in the store? He just doesn’t get my “artistic” (I use the term loosely) vision. So now I have to prove to him that I can make them into something great. I have my work cut out for me. I will leave you with some pics of some of the projects I have been working on as well as some recent fun family outings. Hope everyone is plannning lots of fun for the summertime. It is here!

MADE: St. Louis Craft Mafia Studios

12 Apr

So I am super excited to announce that the St. Louis Craft Mafia is opening a community studio space down on Cherokee Street near Fort Gondo. The  plan is to create a cooperative space for indie crafters and artists in order to:

Provide a kick-ass community-centered craft collective by
providing personal studio/work spaces for artists and crafters to
come socialize and create.

Create events and provide opportunities for sales to help artists
make money through their craft.

Develop relationships between our organization & local  
businesses/organizations that will enrich our artists’ businesses.

Remove cost-prohibitive barriers by providing shared equipment
& supplies available for all Collective members to use.  We will
invest in new shared equipment at every opportunity

Strengthen the indie craft sense of community.

You can find more information and apply for either private studio or community studio space over at http://www.stlouiscraftmafia.com/made. We cannot wait to get in there and start making the space our own. I put together a little mood board for the space. Take a look and let me know what you think!

An Update for Rachel

8 Apr

So this blog has been sadly neglected since October according to my darling friend Rachel. 😉 I honestly didn’t think anyone would miss me so I wasn’t worried about updating. But now that I know I have at least one loyal reader, I feel it is my duty to post a little something. Now the only question is, where do I begin?

Well alot has happened since my last post. I successfully opened a holiday pop up shop  called The Foundrie at Chesterfield Mall featuring work by local artists and indpendent designers. It was pretty much the hardest and longest 6 weeks of my life but totally worth it. I could not have pulled it off with out the help of my amazing family and dear friends so again, a big thank you to all of you.  There is a link to more pics over at www.thefoundrie.com but here is a basic before and after.



I took a nice long break during January and to be honest, most of February. I am finally back on track and have new acrylic and stainless steel jewelry in the shop at www.destroyedbydesign.com. Also looking forward to upcoming shows this spring including Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn June 5&6. Excited to share a booth with my sis www.angelrox.com and for our little ones to have a fun weekend playing together. Here are a few pics of Stella from the past couple of months. She is getting so big and says something incredibly funny about every 5 minutes. Last weekend our dog Ollie got into a nest of baby squirrels and Stella told me that Ollie had “ruined” them. Yes, he did indeed. Tragic and funny at the same time. Happy Spring!!