Hello Fall

6 Oct



Matt and I had the pleasure of taking Stella to the pumpkin farm last Friday with our Link Program through Ferguson-Florissant school district. Stella was most excited to see the animals and she was delighted at the cow, pig, llama, zebra, and the goats named Daisy Goat and Bubba Goat. She is still talking about them as well as her human friends Annabelle and Estella who joined us on a wagon ride around the muddy fields and farms. Fun times were had by all. Note to mommy: Before next field trip, read handout and bring items listed. All of the other children had their flashlights to go throught the hay mazes and tunnels and my darling Stella had not brought her little Hello Kitty Lantern on the expedition. Mommy gets an F for the day. Oops.


And because this blog pretty much hates me, here is a “gallery” of the other pics I wanted to share.Some pics of my studio/office as well as a photo of my felt taxidermy bunny I stitched up while watching tivo’d episodes of Melrose Place and Gossip Girl tonight. Don’t judge me. I was only allowed to watch Nick at Nite growing up. I am making up for lost time. I was the only girl in high school during the 1990’s to have a crush on Dobie Gillis. I have shared too much for one night. More later.


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