Renegade Chicago 2009

15 Sep



One shot of yours truly from the Renegade Craft Fair Flickr account

One shot of yours truly from the Renegade Craft Fair Flickr account

Had a super fun and super successful weekend in Chicago for Renegade Craft Fair 2009! The weather was fantastic as was the company ( my sis, of course) and the turnout was just amazing. A big thank you to Roy and Shar for stopping by and fetching the PBR and an even bigger thank you to Daphne and Sarah B. for letting us crash at your lovely apartments and for being generally awesome. Daphne makes this incredible yogurt called Better Whey of Life which is probably available at your local Whole Foods. And she is such a sweetheart, you must check it out





Sadly I chained myself to my table inside my booth all weekend at Renegade so I wouldnt be tempted to spend tons of $ on all of the incredible wares and my photos reflect my self-imposed imprisonment. I only have a few shots of our booth. I didnt even manage to get pics of friends or any of the fun from German Fest on Friday night. I am lame when it comes to remembering my camera. In fact it didnt find its way out of my bag until Sunday afternoon. But theres always Strange Folk Festival coming up and I promise I will photo document the entire event. Pinky swear. 😉


One Response to “Renegade Chicago 2009”

  1. Sam September 23, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    Has anyone told you how crafty you are…snicker snicker 🙂
    Love the little panties with the angel wings. Are those your sisters? Miss you!

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