Cinco de Mayo. Stay or go?

1 May


So there is an awesome event going on tomorrow, Saturday May 2nd down on Cherokee Street to celebrate everyones favorite holiday/excuse to drink tequila, Cinco de Mayo!! The St. Louis Craft Mafia has a tent in front of our favoritest little shop, Cranky Yellow. I have a space reserved in this tent but I am flip flopping between:

1. Going to hang with my fellow mafiosas and downing some margaritas


2. Staying home and nursing my poor allergy ridden head back to health

Hmm, what’s a girl to do? I have a date with a nettie pot and a bottle of Zicam and we will see how I feel in the a.m. But even if I stay home in an rx allergy pill haze tomorrow, everyone else should come by and say Hola! And have a margarita…or three!!


Nighty night! Shelah


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